August 12th, 2002


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Went to the beach today with Alan, Megan, and Cory. Walked around, ate, got ice cream, came back.

Played a game of croquette with Alan in the dark, then took him to the airport. LiveJournal bootcamp comes to a close.

Now: Back home and still sick. I've coughed up a ball of greenish-gray phlegm for the past four days now. They're getting smaller, though, so I take that as a sign of recovery.

In other health news, I feel bruised all over, like somebody beat me up and I forgot about it. Most disturbing.

Sleep sounds like a plan.

LogJam 3.1

I'm using LogJam 3.1.0 and it totally rocks. And because GTK 2.0 rocks. I like the frilly About box with the scrolling names of people who've helped with it. It's cool seeing so many people's names I know. And my own name is still in there, even though I haven't done anything with it since the first version or so. Whoa, and there are tooltips saying what each person did. And you can click it to move the list without scrolling.

Oh my... so much fun in the about box. Time to play with the rest of it.

BTW, I changed the comment setting on my journal back so everybody can reply. I miss meeting new people occasionally. But, I turned on comment screening from non-friends, as I want to test that feature out... haven't used it yet.

I burnt my tongue on a burrito.

Question: can you get unemployment in the state of California if you voluntarily leave a job?