August 15th, 2002


Sleep without coughing

I slept wonderfully last night, for the first time in a couple weeks. Amazing how easy it is to fall asleep when you're not violently coughing every few seconds.

So, I was up at 10 am this morning. Frickin' record or something.

Never did see XXX last night. Dina dropped by on her way home from visiting her grandparents. We got a kick out of Tivo rebooting itself when it went from version 2.0.3 to 3.0.1 of the software:

"Powering up... Just a second please."

(couple minutes pass)

"Almost done! A few more seconds."

(couple minutes pass)

"Rebuilding database. This will take a long time."

We bust into laughter. No progress bar or anything. No lying that it'll only be a few seconds. Ironically, that was the shortest phase, probably because I only have 6 channels. :)

Got my mail yesterday, which I'd been forgetting all week, since it's out in that box by the street. Still getting used to that. Time to sort junk mail from bills.

Disk Networks

A Disk Networks salesperson called me up trying to sell me service... it was great. I had fun with him. We talked all about bandwidth shortages, the DirecTV/Echostar merger, if the free DSS receiver had a serial connection for my Tivo, etc.

Confused the shit out of him. I felt like Seth in Boiler Room (great movie, btw) talking to the newspaper salesman.

In the end I got his name and number so he'd get paid if I decided to go with a dish. Why are they always so shocked when you talk about them getting their commission? Do they really think that we think they do their job so enthusiastically for fun?

In other news, my Tivo still rocks. My USB Ethernet adapter should be here soon, so I can unplug the telephone line.

Off to the gym with Nick now.

Moving pictures

Gym was good. Kinda showed up late and Nick was done lifting so I just swam, but I swam hard, damnit.

I really need to get a shell on my Tivo (which means opening the case and thus invalidating my warranty), because I need to make/tweak a system to email me whenever new things are on my "Now Showing" list. I really hate having to walk into the other room and check it. (all lazy fucks raise their hands!)

I'll be safe about it though, imaging the drive first thing. I'm sure I'll fare wonderfully, knowing Linux already, which is more than I can say about half the no-clue-having Windows users in the Tivo hacking forums. (In all fairness, the other half of the Tivo is community is incredibly geeky and capable, so it works out.)

Bought tickets to XXX .... doesn't start for 90 minutes or so. Gonna go watch some Tivo until then. Nick's on his way over. (Mmm... moving pictures...)

But really, today was one of my most productive days in weeks. Some might say it was the sleep and health, but I'd like to attribute it to Tivo.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.