August 18th, 2002



Slept a bunch & woke up with energy ... imagine that.

Made a bunch of fotobilder progress this morning, but then got to a point where I need to wait for mart in the UK to wake up and approve an idea before I spend a couple hours implementing it to find out he hates it. He should like it, though. I mean, the most that he likes anything: "Well, it sucks, and the cleaner solution would be yadda yadda yadda which is impossible and would take years, but it'll do." That's why I like Mart. :)

Now I still have energy, so I'm thinking of applying it towards non-computer stuff:

-- Pick up the house
-- Make my house wiring wishlist; get quotes/see what I can do alone
-- Research TVs
-- Check out progress on the park at the end of the street
-- Go on a bike ride

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Car Appointment

I headed out to the mall area earlier to hit all the big A/V stores around there, but turned around about a half mile from my house... my car was being especially stupid, doing its random shifting thing. (indeed, that's what it's doing... I hadn't watched the tachometer before when it was doing it.)

Anyway, my appointment for it is tomorrow morning at 8:45 am!! I haven't been up that early in as long as I can remember. The last final I took, maybe?

Unless Honda does car loaners, I'll be walking a few miles to/from light-rail stations... my family is out of town and my one friend is working. But whatever... I think I went on a longer walk today anyway.

Did some fun fotobilder work earlier. The S2 stuff is almost fully matured.

Spent about an hour learning about & reading Middle English stuff, after reading this incredibly cool usage note for 'ye' and being intrigued that English had its own unique letters which we've since lost. I'd seen words like yat before, but never knew how to pronounce them.

Think I'll go see what's on blurry antenna Tivo. Cable should be hooked up soon... that'll be nice.