August 19th, 2002


Cellphone Idea

When I'm out, I like to keep my cellphone on vibrate, as there are enough people polluting the air with their dumb ring tones.

When I'm home, I don't want to wear my cellphone to feel the vibrate.

When I get home, I don't want to change my phone settings to an incredibly loud ring I can hear everywhere, and then possible forget to switch back later when I leave in a rush.

Here's what I want:

I want to come home, plop my cellphone on a charger/ring station that's tied in with my house phone system. When my cellphone rings, it rings all the phones in the house, and I can pick up any of them, and talk through my cellphone.

Is this too much to ask for? Could I make such a thing, I wonder?

My car's in for service. I got 3 hours of sleep. I rode my bike all over ... it was fun. I'm tired.


During my bike ride back from the Honda service center I hit four different A/V stores, looking at rear-projection HDTVs.

I made the mistake of also visiting Chelsea, an incredibly high-end local store, where I drooled over the Mitsubishi WS65908 Diamond Series. It's awesome, but it's also $4,000.

Problem is: now every other set pales in comparison.

(Sony had a cool one, too, but it was some different technology, very new, and thus priced way beyond reasonable up near $7,000. :P)

If I were to get one of these babies, I'd need a new progressive scan DVD player ... but those are only $100-$200 now. Shit, when I got my DVD player (with only 480i component out) it was $500.

Dream, dream, dream.

Back to work. My friend Dina was telling me a few months back: the primary reason she works a lot is just so she avoids spending money. So true.

Honda can blow me.

Honda Service is clueless. They don't know what the problem is (what? that's their job!) so they wanted to do "what Honda recommends" and replace some solenoids and flush the transmission fluid.

The former is covered by my extended warranty, sans $100 deductible, but the transmission flush would run me $125, which I'm loathe to spend, given that I just fucking had it done as part of my 30,000 mile service a couple months ago for $650.

So I told them to just replace the solenoids, but I have this irky feeling that it's still going to be fucked and I'll be out $100 for nothing. Then, they probably won't do anything more until I pay the $125 for their clueless asses to replace the transmission fluid also.

I liked Seattle Honda more. I never once had a bad experience with them.

I should either a) learn cars, or b) find a new mechanic.

My brother's coming to pick me up now, and I'm jacking one of my parents' cars for the next few days. Unfortunately, they took the Audi TT, so I get my pick of minivan (no) or Jeep (better).

I should take my car to Honda BooBoo Land! Silly Japanese. :P