August 21st, 2002


Pissed off

Pisses me off when people don't reply:

-- Honda guy hasn't returned my call yet and I can't get ahold of him... stupid hold song, then voicemail. Only reason I'm giving them another chance is it might be free... if this is considered the same service, my $100 deductible covers both. We'll see.

-- AT&T people haven't called to confirm my cable install date... was supposed to be fucking Monday. Have no alternatives here.

-- Ethernet wiring dude hasn't called. But whatever... I'll find somebody.

-- iDOT hasn't answered my questions about some of their products. Haven't seen anybody else that makes tiny, cheap, silent, low power machines.

What's worse... all these people have potential money coming to them if they'd only not suck.


Ring, ring.

Phone rang... I got excited. But no, it wasn't anybody calling me back finally. It was the New York Times, wanting to send a photographer over to take a picture of me for some LiveJournal story. So this means I have to clean my office probably, because they'll want some picture of me leaning into my monitor with LiveJournal loaded on the screen, or something lame like that...


From this post...

Honda: I drove there to get in in his face, since the phone thing wasn't working. He was nice. The insurance company that services my warranty wants them to rebuild the transmission, but they don't do that... they just replace them, which MAPPS won't cover. So, they might have to refer me to some other place to have it rebuilt. But then do I have to pay another $100 deductible for this new place? The guy at Honda is working on making sure it stays on the same ticket so I don't have to pay again. He's calling me back.

AT&T: Yup, my online order didn't go anywhere. Called up a person (no hold time... OMG!) and she was able to confirm there wasn't jack shit in their order database about me or my order. Go online ordering systems! Anyway, cable's getting hooked up Friday from 12-2.

Ethernet wiring dude: My bad... mis-typed my phone number to him.

iDOT: Still haven't replied.

Okay, now that all the bullshit's handled for awhile, time to do some work finally....