August 22nd, 2002



The photographers for the NYT article just left... they were cool. Two young guys... funny, nice. Came in with 5 huge padded bags of equipment. They put up all these screens & tripods & lights & filters up and took almost 200 pictures.

All their equipment just ruled, especially the extremely high-end Canon digital camera and their different lenses. The main guy handed me his camera to look through the pictures while they were packing up the stuff at the end and I was scared just to be touching it, it seemed so expensive. All the shots were pretty damn cool... amazing what you can do with fun lighting, shadows, colors, and screens.

So I guess now they go burn it to a CD (over 300 MB) and FedEx it off, since the NYT office doesn't have an FTP site or anything for photographers to upload their pictures to. (but I guess that's understandable, since most people have slow upstream)

I'd like to get into photography. Going to Mt. Tabor in a couple hours here... I'll bring along my little toy camera (in comparison) and take some pictures. :P