August 24th, 2002


LJ to real world translation guide

Ever find yourself in a bar talking with a girl you don't know, and accidentally start to talk about a LiveJournal thread that's relevant to the conversation?

You already start saying a few words, so it's too late to stop, yet you're scared you're going to say, "I posted...." followed a little bit later by "Somebody replied that....".

Never fear! Brad's got your translation guide right here, bitches:

"I posted A, and somebody replied B."


"I was talking to my friend the other day about A, and he/she said B."

My god... it works without fail.

In other news, Dina's friend Krista and I beat these two guys at pool two out of three games... but the one game we played for drinks, we lost. Ain't that some shit?

Oh, and Krista taught me a new word: gubernatorial. gotta love words starting with the sound "goober".