August 31st, 2002


No disks!

My desktop system has gone from 3 whiney drives to completely diskless.

My root is now mounted on NFS, as is my RAID 1 array. (which has gone in size from 60 GB usable to 100 GB). The actual machine with the drives is in the entry way closet, farthest away from this room and my bedroom.

Soooo quiet.

Now to take care of the PSU and HSF. I'm thinking a Mini-ITX system is in order, now that I've got this netboot stuff workin'.

To make it all better, I was able to disable a billion servers & daemons on this machine, as they're all running on the closet server now. The system boots in no time.

How you diggin' my Friday night? :)


So, I'm supposed to leave for Vegas tomorrow, but I haven't had any form of communication with Dina in about a week, and she has both our tickets.

Let's hope she's alive and remembers.