September 5th, 2002



Back from Vegas. Good stuff. Will upload pictures to as soon as I unpack and find my camera. I used iPhoto in Jaguar while I was gone and have decided I'll make the command-line Mac client integrate with that.... just a forest of directories & symlinks.

I hear it turned cold in Portland while I was gone, and my thermometer outside seems to agree.... 54 instead of 75 or so. Brrrrrr. It was 100+ in Vegas... actually pretty nice, except the last day when it was 110.

Look, New York Times:

Funny that of the 180 pictures they took of me, the NYT photo editor used one of the two pictures that were goofs. See the red light in the background?

I think I'm gonna head off to the breakfast buffet kitchen now.... get me a burrito microwaved for 1:40.

geek post

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ActiveState's PerlApp in their Perl Development Kit is really, really cool. As is Win32::GUI. I've known about both for awhile but never took the time to try them out, mostly because of my fear of Windows. But I did it, and it was painless. I think I'll shell out the $500 or so for ActiveState's ASPN Perl or whatever... they deserve every penny. Then, I write a FotoBilder client in Perl and a LiveJournal syncitems (backup) client in Perl. And people download them don't know shit about Perl and all is well.

My inbox and Tivo are overflowing from vacation's neglect. I think my Tivo's harddrive is getting louder. Or more likely, I'm so used to hearing zero harddrives in my office, that I can now detect the Tivo's. I'd put the Tivo in a cooled box and relay the IR signal, but once a show starts, the TV noise overrides the disk noise, so whatever. Just wish there were no moving parts.

Now that I run screen sessions on my closet server that never die with my desktop's nightly power down, my ssh-agent environment variable (SSH_AUTH_SOCK) is incorrect after I reattach my screen session on the server the next day. Solution: upon login from desktop to closet, write $SSH_AUTH_SOCK to a private file, then make a bash alias I can run within screen sessions to update my environment. Seems like there should be a better way, but that's what I got so far.