September 8th, 2002


Since last post...

- Cut finger nails.

- Went out for Mexican food with family.

- Home Depot to buy face plates & female ethernet ends

- Hofer, Mike, Garrett, his girlfriend, and girlfriend's friend came over. Drank, ate pizza (Hofer & Mike), talked.

- Watched slideshow of high-school pictures on TV.

- Wired up 10 female ethernet ends and made a billion patch cables. (why did I got my nails?! fingers sore... nails would've been nice to unwrap the pairs.)

- Tivo.

Now, sleep.

Mini-ITX time!

I just ordered a VIA Eden 5000 motherboard (fanless processor!) with 128 MB of memory and nothing else (no floppy/CDROM/disk) and a tiny black case with DC power supply.

$212 from

It'll be my living room MP3 & MAME machine, net booting from the new ethernet jack behind the TV.

It has serial ports, so I can plug-in my infrared receiver and pick MP3s from a distance.

Since it has 800x600 S-Video out, now I really need a bigger TV, so I'm able to read text clearly from the couch. :P

(Yay for new toys.)