September 9th, 2002



- the effects of sleep really do lag 2 days

- mondays sucking aren't just for people with jobs & school ... I experienced the suck today too. But... it may not be a property of monday so much as it is a property of late friday nights and the 2 day lag. (so clear now!)

- mom brought me lunch today and put on all the the ethernet face plates. (she's a home improvement fiend)

- i got a flat tire last night ... had to go get it fixed today. Les Schwab rocks... they repair tires absolutely free, just to build good reputation. i'll definitely buy my future tires from them now.

- joined a new 24 hour fitness that's closer to my house (6 minutes round-trip driving instead of 40-50). now that nick's back to college, this makes working out easier... a quick bike or car trip away. just got back from working out.

- downloading 5.6GB of MAME ROMs in anticipation of my MAME/MP3 console box that's due to arrive shortly.

- going to Seattle real soon now (tomorrow?)

- feel awesome now... love that post-workout feeling. time to go avoid the computer and watch some TV. (because that's tons better, ya know?)