September 30th, 2002



There are two types of journalists:

1) those whom I tolerate.

2) those who call and wake me up at 8:30 am with the same old stupid questions after obviously having done little to no previous research.

But it's all good... I'm glad I got up early. I'm more productive when I don't oversleep.

What really bugs me though is all the sales calls I get... AT&T Long Distance and Meet the Need Foundation just don't give up. Every day it's one of them.

"Hi, this is Karen with Meet the Need Foundat---"

"Hi, this is Brad. You can start by meeting my need and stop calling me every fucking two days. Bye."

I wish. Today was my last friendly hang-up. Next time they'll get that.

I did like the girl calling about windows the other day, though. She had a cute voice:

"Hello, sir, can I ask what type of windows you have?"


*chuckle* "Well, yeah, but are they single pane or double pane?"

"I don't know."

"Well, are they aluminum or wood [somethingsomething]?"

"I don't know."

"Well, what's around them?"



That went on for about 10 minutes before I got bored.


I cleaned my garage today while it was pouring rain. Jeans, sweatshirt, pistachios, iced tea, sound of rain with the garage door open. Most relaxing thing ever.

Okay, begin geeky part of post...

I added caller ID to my phone line. It was free, since I can have up to 3 functions with my Verizon local phone package and I only had 2.

My modem supports AT#CID=1 (caller ID detection), so I'm now copying jwz and having my computer handle my incoming calls. (I have DSL. The modem is just a backup for emergencies. So far I haven't had to use it since I got my service)

Details of my setup to-be:

* All ringers off in my house.

* Computer makes the ringing noise, but only during certain hours and from known people.

* Message box pops up on desktop, showing who the call is from.

* Computer can text message my cellphone when I miss calls from certain people.

* Enty computer (stereo component) gets notifications of calls over ethernet, and flashes some LEDs to signal incoming call, as well as playing ring sound on top of music output (if any). Rationale: if watching TV, receiver isn't set to play Enty's sound output, but I'm watching TV, so I'd notice the flashing LEDs. If receiver is set to play music, I won't see the flashing LED, but I'd hear the loud ringing.

My only debate now is where to put the modem. It needs to be near a computer (one of the eight...) but also near a phone line and ethernet jack. That's where things get tricky... the only place near both phone and ethernet is in my office, but I turn my main desktop off at night for noise (can kinda hear the fan from the bedroom). But that might work: if my main computer is off, I'm sleeping. When I'm out of town, I leave the desktop on so I can login remotely.

I have up to 4 hours until the service is live.

TV with Dina

Dina came over. We drank {Gin|Vodka} and Tonics, watched TV, and skipped around within American Beauty.

I'm always sad when she leaves. I enjoy the company and she's pretty much the one close friend I have in the area. But she's busy most the time with work and school.

I need to get out and meet people.

And I missed the registration date for taking more German classes. Crap.