October 10th, 2002


Day in review

Last night was miserable ... took me about four hours to fall asleep. And then I had to wake up early for a dentist appointment, leaving me groggy all day.

But on to the positives!

-- my teeth are "wonderful". but I'm supposed to floss. but they've been saying that for 22 years now.

-- met Kevin of discogs.com ... cool guy. we had lunch and talked all about website/business/technology/user stuff. I passed down what wisdom I had to share. He gave me root on his server too, and I did a few things to speed it up and gave him a dozen security & performance tips.

-- bought a Canon PowerShot S200 Digital ELPH [pic]. Damn it rules. It fits in my pocket! And it's like, sturdy and responsive and not stupid. I hated my Nikon CoolPix.

-- bought a compact flash reader that works with Linux. muy conveniento. first one I bought (SanDisk SDDR-71) didn't work, so I replaced it with a PNY one that was $20 cheaper. score.

-- Cute Best Buy girl was there both times I went in. I've been pushing myself to ask her out the last, oh, 20 times I've been in there. I was totally up to it the second time I went in, but she was on the phone the whole time. While my balls seemed to have grown large enough to ask her out, they apparently weren't large enough to wait around until she got off the phone, then ask. So I left. Goddamnit.

I discard tons of entries before posting them, whenever it's apparent that I can't write worth shit. This one would normally be a candidate for disposal, but I'm tired and don't care. I'm going to go watch TV and take pictures of my feet at different settings and stuff.

I resisted napping all day, so maybe I'll be able to sleep tonight.