October 12th, 2002


New userpic!

Now that I got a camera that's easy to use and get pictures off, it's time for a new userpic!

It's saying: here I am, my eyes are open, so I'm at least pretending to listen. I'm kinda smiling, but not enough to see in a 100x100 picture. If I weren't smiling, I'd look mean, and I don't want to look mean. But if I were smiling a lot, it'd be inappropriate for so many posts, and I'd look like a goof. So this is the middle ground ... mild, indiscernible smile.

It's also saying: screw you, I'm only half-smiling because I made this 100x100 JPEG with 100% quality, using 1x1 sub-sampling and floating point, so it takes up a ton of bandwidth and CPU for you to download and decode. Hah! If those 40k animated GIF people can make you download 40k of crap, I can make you download 10k of pretty me.

Yup, that's what it's saying.

And it's asking: "What's that flash doing all that funky shit for?" Ah, but you'll note the lack of red eyes, my friends.



Added XML export support to FotoBilder.

Ate some leftover pizza.

Went on a bike ride to a park and took pictures

Adam and Aaron are showing up soon, then we're going to go dance for World Peace. (d.h., i.e., that is, get really drunk.) It's out in some field pretty close to my house with a heated barn and "chill dome" and stuff. Adam's bringing a tent, so I guess we're camping. Should make for interesting pictures.