October 17th, 2002



My parents and little brother have the all-club membership for 24 Hour Fitness, so my mom and brother came over and worked out at the one near my house today. Biked there, than ran and swam with my Cole.

But I only mention that because it makes for a more interesting post than "programmed a lot".

Oh, no... that was just tonight. Earlier today sucked. Today was dealing with tons of stupid business drones. Bleh. Let's wipe that memory away and get back to programming talk!



That's what I did all evening/night/early morning.

BTW, want to know how many colors are in a GIF file? 2 ** ((gif_file[10] & 7) + 1)

In other news, my FotoBilder testers aren't pushing me enough. I was hoping for tons of feedback and bug reports and insane feature requests. But no... nothing. I might have to scrap 'em and get a new batch. Damn disk/bandwidth thieves. :P

Aight', sleepin' time.

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From: joseph.xxxxx@xxxxxx.com
To: brad@danga.com
Subject: picpix.com

I was told I could use this site to upload pics and put them on my Sprint
PCS 3G phone. Is this true? If so how would I do it. For some reason it
will not let me create a new account...how do i do that?



From: brad@danga.com
To: joseph.xxxxx@xxxxxx.com
Subject: picpix.com

I think you got the wrong website.

Where'd you hear that?

From: joseph.xxxx@xxxxx.com
To: brad@danga.com
Subject: Re: picpix.com

It was a friend of mine in another office...he was saying that it worked
with any 3G phone. They are gone for the day but I swore they said
picpix.com, and that i could sign up and upload a couple pictures for free,
then go there on my phone and i would be able to save the picture.

(Why Sprint doesn't offer this in a more effecient manner I have no

So I take it that he gave me the wrong url or do you think it is something
that is possible with this FotoBuilder?

Thanks and sorry if I am way off base here...