November 12th, 2002



Today, I...

Woke up incredibly late. (out late last night with meena and holyloki)

Replied to an email somebody sent me 6 months ago which I'd misplaced. (the difference being I cared about this one, unlike the ones I sometimes discard)

Went for a run to and through the park. I never catch good TV shows at the gym when I run on the treadmills (they need Tivo!), and there're no hot chicks at that location, so I might as well run on my own and see some nature. I don't think I'll renew my membership when the time comes.

Re-arranged my living room, hiding away all my A/V components (6?) behind the TV in the corner. The IR signals bounce off the wall and work, which I was hoping for. Otherwise I would've had to put a mirror in the corner (lame, it'd expose the mess) or build an IR repeater.

As a result of rearranging, my fireplace is no longer blocked by my couch, and everything seems bigger and more spacious. Only downside is that the sexy component stand I bought from marcuso is no longer visible, but it's still doing its job holding everything.

Wrote an HTML cleaner for FotoBilder. [details]

Bundled up Enty. Available for download here: Enty-0.1.tar.gz