November 15th, 2002


Highs and lows

I prefer journals that are just thoughts and anecdotes instead of the "why my day totally sucked" rants, so I'll skip to the good parts and try not to bitch...

Unloading groceries from the trunk, I dropped a glass jar of spaghetti sauce in the garage. Glass and spaghetti went in all directions over the floor, my socks and pants, the garage door, my car wheels.....

It didn't phase me. Of all the shit today, I couldn't care less. So I ignored it, took off my pants, grabbed a beer, and went to watch CSI in HDTV. And God (with a capital G) does HDTV look nice!! (2,000,000 pixels/frame instead of 200,000!) If only there were a Tivo with HDTV support. But I digress.

So by the time I remember the glass and spaghetti in the garage, it's pretty late. I have to open the garage door to clean... I bring out a mop and bucket of hot water. It's all foggy and scary lookin' outside. Totally quiet, and I'm mopping red sauce up in my lit garage, visible to any peering neighbors.

At one point some of the spaghetti from the garage door (now up) drips down on me. So I start mopping above me. I must've looked so strange. (but don't worry... I did put pants on first)

In other random good news, I bought zip-ties to clean up a lot of my cabling and a $30 video card (the cheapest one available) for my never-used Windows box, replacing its previous incredibly expensive Voodoo 3500 TV, which isn't accelerated in Windows XP. Yay for commodity parts!

Oh, also ran into the programing teacher from my high school at the hardware store, whose programming classes I co-taught for awhile. They're still using my sprite editor and blitting library after all these years, and I guess it's part of the curriculum now! And there was something about the mentally challenged kids coming in to play with it too, just to draw. So I guess I'm invited in to talk/help sometime, and he mentioned some kids want to learn/play with Linux, but nobody knows how to get started, so I offered to hook them up. Craziness.