December 5th, 2002



On a normal day I can't watch more than an hour of TV before I get all fidgety and need to go do something else.

But not today. Today I think I watched 8 episodes of Buffy that had accumulated on Tivo and I'm proud/ashamed to say that I've now seen every episode. That's about 140 so far? 40 minutes each.... 93 hours of Buffy total. Hey, that's not too bad.

Anyway, TV's out of my system for awhile (well, Tivo's empty). It was a nice temporary escape from server hell. But, server stuff is looking better. sherm rocks.

I gave up iced tea a week or so ago. No real reason ... was just too lazy to buy/make more, and I realized it was ridiculous how quickly I drank it and how often I was going the bathroom as a result.

After quitting I had a headache for a number of days but all's good now. Been sleeping wonderfully, too.

I need a new book.

Today I....

Cooked twice. Chicken tacos, and then later brownies. Learning how to cook is one of my new goals.

Went to the gym twice. Ran about 4 miles altogether, faster the second time. Gym membership expires tomorrow or the next day... not sure if expiration date is inclusive or exclusive.

Put new batteries in my MP3 player and found my headphones back. Good for running. But sadly, my MP3 player can't play OGG files, so I couldn't listen to some things. (maybe there's a firmware update? or maybe that company's out of business.)

Watched CSI in HDTV. I don't even care what's playing... if it's in HDTV I'll just sit and drool, not caring. (well, actually, didn't sit... cooked and drooled, but not in the food. all my TV watching today was during cooking, so I feel good not wasting much time)

Signed up for more German classes at a local community college. Well, registered for the college actually. I have to wait a couple days to get approved before I can sign up online. I'm taking the 202 level (which is the highest level currently offered), even though I haven't taken 201 (since 201 was last term). But after talking to the teacher, it seems that even 202 will be pretty easy. I'd rather it be easy and let myself catch up, though.

(bold is for eli)