December 6th, 2002



tcolton just pointed out two things I was totally unaware of:

2pac's second posthumous 2-disc release is out. And Todd's uploading it to me. (if he's actually dead, the money's just going to the RIAA anyway, so I can't feel guilty about pirating it)

And finally, a Tivo-clone and more that doesn't suck: It actually looks like everything I've ever wanted. Time to ditch Tivo and its month service fee? I'm leaning towards yes. Especially since Tivo keeps pushing software upgrades to the damn box that I don't want... things that only make the service worse. And this way I'd have to source to extend and do rad things with.

Spamee Profiling

My spam filtering is almost perfect, but recently somebody sent me an MMS and it got wrongly tagged as spam because the email headers were so bare. I went to look for it and saw there were over 30,000 messages in my spam folder. The MMS didn't take long to find, but it made me more aware that spam actually existed. It had been so long.

So, I modified my spam handling scripts to put the spam in a dated folder, creating it if necessary. Now at least my spam is cleanly organized. One day I can feed it all to bogofilter for analysis, should I decide to start using that.

So now I'm curious and am just looking at the type of spam I get. I chuckled thinking there should be a spamee profiling site, where you go and answer questions like:

What is your gender?
Do you have a big penis?
Are you gay?
What languages do you speak?

If spammers had those answers, think about much spam they wouldn't have to send!

I'm so glad spam is so easy to deal with. Contrast to snail mail, which I only check once or twice a week because I hate sifting through all the junk mail to find the bills (more junk mail, as far as I'm concerned).

Maybe one day I'll snap and abandon email like Knuth, opting only to receive correspondence via snail mail. I giggle at the thought. :P

Die Märchen der Brüder Grimm

Heute habe ich das Buch "Die Märchen der Brüder Grimm" (auf Deutsch) gekauft. Ich finde es ganz toll, weil es so viele (210!) kurze Erzählungen gibt. Darüber werde ich nicht oft verwirrt sein. Weil ich langsam lese, eine kurze Erzählung ist mir am besten. Auch, ich liebe dass die Erzählungen so weltbekannt sind. Viele habe ich nicht gehört seid ich Kind war, wie "Hänsel und Gretel" und "Rumpelstilzchen". Ich freue mich auf alle zu lesen.

Ich bin stolz dass nur das Wort "verwirrt" musste ich im Wörterbuch finden. Na ja, und ich habe "weltbekannt" als "weltbekannst" buchstabiert.

Die Wörter dieses Eintrages sind ganz rot weil LogJam denkt, dass ich auf Englisch schreibe. Aber nicht "die", "war", und "Kind". Hihi.

Wenn mein neues Deutschkurz fängt an, ihr könntet über mein Deutsche Eintragen lachen, die so schlect sind. Na und? Ich will lernen.