December 13th, 2002



Went shopping again today... Costco = holiday hell. Wait, er... Costco = always hell.

Didn't do much productive (code) work today, but did some good business stuff, so I'm happy.

Perl hacker wanted! Make this and I'll give you money:
I'd do it, but I have a dozen projects of my own.

I want to go re-new my gym membership, but I'm not particularly excited about talking to the high-school-dropout losers who think they're important and have good jobs and must treat you like an idiot as they walk you through the signup process and such. And if you rush them along, they slow down even more, thinking you don't get it. So frustrating. (At least, this has been my experience the last two times.) Maybe I'll do it online.


I'm continually fascinated by the effect lighting can have on a room.

Whenever a bulb burns out and I go awhile without replacing it, I get used to the decreased brightness, but it's always a bit depressing. Replace it and, boom! ... energy and excitement!

(er, that and Oregon Chai and Astral Projection and cleaning my office)

But it's mainly the lights! I had two of my three out... Replaced one. Back to two-thirds brightness. I need more. Stores are closed. I need fake plants and art too.