Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

beautiful weather; sick

The weather the past few days has just been beautiful.

Yesterday whitaker and I went downtown after work and ate on the waterfront. He then headed down to Wilsonville and I walked from John's Landing up to Portland along the river. I'd never been on a more wonderful walk. I ended up at Newport Bay and walked alomg the piers and watched barges go by and the sunset over Portland while I waited for dina to get off work. She ended up working late and I walked into Portland and took the Max home.

So all the above: great.

Then I wake up today sick. Some combination stomach ache, headache, wanna puke, etc. Makes no damn sense. Only explanation is allergies. While I've been taking my Claritin-generic stuff that scsi sent me ages back, I also realized I haven't replaced the furnace air filters in my house since I moved in, oh, almost two years ago. You're supposed to replace them every 3 months. So I went and pulled 'em out... pretty disgusting. Bought some new ones and replaced 'em. [Note to self: replace in 3 months!]

Sneezing like crazy now and need to puke.

Reasons this sick-from-nowhere sucks:

-- I felt like shit for Saturday morning breakfast at Reedville Cafe (normally one of the week's high points)
-- I only have 3 days to whip out my slides for MySQL usercon
-- My bike is supposed to be ready today
-- I wanted to ride my bike tomorrow
-- bunch of misc Easter dinners to attend this weekend

So now I'm off to lay down or something. Maybe take some drugs.
Tags: bike, mysql, tech

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