January 4th, 2003


Back in Portland

Stayed in Seattle another night. Friday involved hanging out with Amber, visiting Kenji, watching Evan program, and going out clubbing with Marcus and Sarah in the evening.

Marcus saved the three of us $75 in cover by knowing bouncers at a couple places. After going to three straight clubs, we ended up at Neighbours, a popular dance club for gay men and girls that don't want to get hit on [as much]. Not a good place for straight guys. Luckily, Sarah protected us.... whenever a guy was eying one of us she'd dance close to us, sending the would-be approachers the "we're hetero" signal. Unfortunately a gay guy asked her to dance at the end (for the purpose of extracting information about Marcus, we later learned) and in the meantime a guy hit on me within minutes of her leaving me. That's a first.

I hit the road today around 3:00 after lunch with Evan. I don't really remember driving home... the Seattle/Portland drive is so ordinary by now nothing about it stands out.

Now that I'm home, I guess I should get back to work.