January 7th, 2003



Couldn't sleep last night, pondering a new LJ optimization I thought of seconds before I would've otherwise fallen asleep. Didn't get much sleep.

Woke up early for German class at the local community college. The campus is a couple dozen huge parking lots and a few buildings in the middle. Despite that, and despite my getting there about an hour early to walk around and buy books, there were no parking places and I was late to class. But it was cool. Friendly group of people, and I like the teacher.

My breaks on my car are pretty much gone. Made an appointment for them to be replaced tomorrow.

The Oregonian reporter came over today to "shadow" me, but I told her watching me program would be too boring. Instead, we just talked and I showed her random [somewhat] interesting things, explaining how I would've worked if she weren't there. She's 1st generation Latvian, so was somewhat amused to see Latvian as a language choice on LJ .... unfortunately, she immediately found mistakes in the translation. I told her the one random fact I knew about the Latvian language (special noun inflection for 0 count) and she said some sentences to herself and said something like, "Oh, yeah... I guess so.". Sadly, that's about all I knew, but she piqued my interest with some other things she said about the language, so I've been reading a bit about the country and language since then. (go Internet! who wants to stay focused?)

It's been embarrassing (no, depressing) having her interview me and ask questions about my life outside of work.... my answer to everything of course being somewhat absent. At least it's been reaffirming things I already suspected: things need to change. I'm due to burn out at any time.