January 9th, 2003



I woke up around 6am, shivering. Sore throat, cough, fever. Fun.

Went to class anyway... can't skip the second day. The teacher already thinks I'm on the verge of dropping out.... she's asked me 3 times now if it's okay and it's not too easy. I told her I might be a little ahead in grammar, but more experience and vocab are always helpful. I mean, I can talk about ein Nashorn now if I need to! (nose horn ... rhino)

Checked my voicemail on the ride home... jproulx had called to say the site was broken. MySQL broke its index for a table. Been repairing that all day.

Photographer came by for the Oregonian article. It only took a few minutes... not an hour or so like the NYT article. Very painless.

Cold. Tired.

Mail backed up. Spamassassin was doing some checks with a remote server, but that server was down, and SA wasn't timing out?!? --local ... problem solved.

Need to buy new servers. Need to redo payment processing system. Need to do S2 stuff. Need to fix MySQL crap.

Looked at Monster.com a bit the other day. I'm going to start recruiting a sysadmin sometime again here.

Whoa... blanket.

Finally having fixed the DB breakage, I was about to go wrap up in a blanket and die.

Then the doorbell rings. It's UPS, but I'm not expecting any package. The package has no return address. Curious.

Magnola Hi-Fi sent me a blanket to say thanks for buying my TV. WTF? Late xmas present? Even if, I bought my TV quite some time ago. Odd. But I love blankets.... this is number 7!