February 11th, 2003


go eat a dick, thanks.

Just got a call from some lady:

"Are you the guy that runs LiveJournal.com?"
"I am."
"You're famous."
"I guess."
"So, I work with a guy who runs Email Examiner and he was very impressed by your article last month."
"So if it's okay with you, I'm going to have him give you a call and talk."
"Uh, about what?"
"He does spamming." [yes, she really said that... not "email mass marketing". spamming.]
"No thanks, not interested."


i hate you phone

So after my previous lame phone call, tax guy calls, saying I forgot to sign something. Then my mom calls, working on my home office personal property tax forms... then some dude selling anti-spam software calls, wanting to push it out to all the LJ members, making incredibly liberal estimates about what percentage of the userbase would buy it, and how rich he'd get.

That's it... I'm off to buy a $7 caller ID box. I have the service, but my only caller-ID aware hardware is my 56k modem hooked up to my office machine, but now that I work on my machine in the living room, I don't have always turn my other computers on.

I wish I had a phone jack in my closet, where my file server is ... I have power & ethernet in there. Maybe I should add a phone jack. Then I could put my modem there, and make the caller-ID daemon I've long talked about, and write clients for Windows, Linux, and my TV. (if TV is on, broadcast IR signal to TV to bring up PIP to Enty showing calling party's name and number...)