February 14th, 2003



A recent controversial bond measure failed here in Oregon that was supposed to keep the schools and government alive, but it failed, so now 24 school days are getting cut and the government is hurting.

So, I show up to traffic court (30 minutes early) and the judge addresses the four of us in the room:

"As you may now, today is Valentine's Day. To show that the government does love you, whether you believe it or not, all your cases are being dismissed."

We're all confused, but happy.

He goes on to explain that with Measure 28 failing, a big chunk of the highway patrol has been laid off, including the officer who pulled over the 20 or so people on today's docket. He's now working in California and couldn't come up to traffic court because this is his first week on the job down there.

And I voted for 28!


Guy 1: "Does this mean everything's off our records?"
Judge: "Well, not everything. This incident won't go on your record."
Guy 2 to Guy 1: "Sorry pal, that murdge charge sticks."


Anyway... No fine. Nothing on my record.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dina's coming out here after work. Actually, I left some things at home, so I'm heading back there and driving back here with her. I should go get dinner reservations somewhere first.

I also want to go get some stuff for my house from some of the galleries here in town. I figure I'll still put the fine amount into local circulation (times 3-5, probably), just out of happiness.

Modem slow. Bye.

is it 6:30 yet?

Back home, waiting for Dina to get off work.

Maybe I'll do some work too. Or watch TV. Or both.

Ordered DSL for my parent's beach house.... I figure since I don't have to pay anything to stay there, this'll be my contribution. But really modems just drive me crazy. I find out Monday if the line qualifies or not. I guess it's incredibly hit & miss there, all the wiring being so ancient. And cable isn't available, so this is the only broadband option.

Tried to get dinner reservations but everything's booked solid. Surprise, surprise. :-)

You paid how many hundred dollars for that office suite?

Why do I get idiots sending me spreadsheets without formulas, with all the numbers added up by hand?

Why do I get idiots sending me spreadsheets with multiple numbers per cell, separated by slashes? (with the top column labeled something like (per unit/total))

Why do I get idiots sending me 1 page plain text Word documents attached to plain text emails? Just include the text in the email!

My god, people.