February 17th, 2003


Time to genetically modify apes

'Genetic changes' triggered Man's artistic abilities
[...] Persuasive evidence in support of this theory has emerged recently in the shape of FOXP2, the first gene proved to affect the ability to learn and process language. [...]
You know what this means, right?! It's time to start genetically modifying animals and giving them our corrected gene! Talking monkeys! Yes yes! And talking kangaroos, of course. Shitty movies could lower their CG expenses, using instead real talking kangaroos.

tivo idea

I want to watch Tivo while I run at the gym.

I want Tivo to make a battery-powered 4-5" LCD TV with mpeg decoder, with a smallish (1/2 hours?) solid state storage device, with a clip and headphone jack. And USB, so I download programs to it from my Tivo before I go.

How rad would that be? I pick some shows I wanna watch, download 'em, then go running, clipping the device to the treadmill.

Hell, it'd be good in long car rides too (for passengers).