April 15th, 2003


Moron story of the day

I encounter hundreds of morons per week. This is but one example:

I need to fax some crap over to this lady at some company. I call her to get her fax number, but she's out this week says her voicemail.

Her voicemail gives the contact info of somebody taking her place that week. That lady isn't in the office.

I call the receptionist, now trying to get the email address of the replacement lady, figuring I'd save myself some faxing.

The receptionist asks the name of the person whose email I need.

Me: "Jane Doe."
Her: "Oh, then it's probably jdoe."
Me: "Probably?"
Her: "Well, sometimes they throw the middle initial in there too."
Me: "Well, what's her middle name?"
Her: "I don't know."
Me: "Do you have a directory?"
Her: "No."
Me: "You can't look up the email address?"
Her: "Hmmm, just a sec... Okay, so it's jmdoe."
Me: "So that's the email address yes?"
Her: "Yes."

I email it. It bounces.

I faxed the crap, along with a note that their receptionist gave out the wrong info.

Life without incoming calls

I've been going the past week with all my phones and answering machine set to quiet, including my cellphone which isn't even on vibrate.

It's great.

But best, my callers are adapting: they're all learning to email me! Or at least emailing me requesting a phone call, which is acceptable.

The best was this:

Also, I tried calling you this morning at this number and it just gave a continuous ring. T: 503-xxx-xxxx Do I have the correct number?

Yes, yes you do. :P

El Musica del Mundo -- Naked Music

Okay, I used to have this CD/mp3s of Naked Music... I think it was Nude Dimensions 1 or 2.

But now I can't find it... or the mp3s on my fileserver. wtf?

Does anybody have that ripped? I need to listen to that first song (which starts out, "El Musica del Mundo.... *funky beat*") out of my head by listening to it a few hundred times.