April 17th, 2003



Went biking yesterday in Forest Park, the largest forested city park in the entire United States, I'll have you know! Yes, over 5000 acres. But Whitaker and I arrived an hour before dusk, leaving us little time for exploring even a fraction of it. We'll have to go back soon when it's not pouring rain and getting dark and whitaker isn't puking.

My new sleep routine is going well: last night I was tired around 10 and proceeded to fall directly asleep without problems, dreaming heavily, then waking up nice and early. Hooray!

I need to get a calendaring program. I have some stuff on my schedule today, but I can't remember much more than my dentist appointment at 2pm, after forgetting about it on Tuesday.

My [little] brother rynfitz turned 21 yesterday. And littler brother cole88 gets to start driving in September. Little brothers no longer so little.