April 19th, 2003


Audio over Ethernet?

I want music & speakers in my room, but I don't want a stereo or computer in there. (I generally keep my tibook in there, but it shouldn't have to be on to play music, ideally....)

I want small little white speakers (maybe Bose) up in the corners, and maybe a little sub hidden somewhere.

I want to push music to the speakers (well, small amp/receiver connected to the speakers) via Ethernet.

Basically, I want a sound daemon in hardware.... I send it packets of music and it assembles them in order with audio outputs.

Hell, is there a way to tunnel USB over Ethernet? I could do USB Audio to Ethernet, and then back to USB Audio ... any number of consumer devices accept USB Audio input nowadays, like my Stereo Link or eli's new Denon Receiver.

Worst case is I buy another tiny fanless Mini-ATX motherboard (without a case or case fan).... but I'd prefer something lower-level than that, if possible. I wish I knew more about hardware and FPGAs so I could take advantage of the OpenCores project and make just what I need.

In other news, I found a phone jack I didn't know I had in my dining room, which is close to my server closet.... I ran a long cord tucked into the carpet and I know have caller-ID detection running on my always-on server.

Now I just need to setup a CID daemon & clients.... there's even a Tivo client on that page, but I think it requires an old hackable Tivo. But... with the new Tivo Series2 Home Media Option I got excited that the public API might be interesting, but it's pretty lame....