April 24th, 2003


Ze Germans vant Bier

So, Whitaker, Amanda and I are walking around Cannon Beach when this girl comes up to me:

Her: "Hallo, I vas vondering if you could buy me some cigarrettes. I am from Germany where I can smoke but I can not buy them here."

Me: "Wie alt bist du?" (how old are you?)

Her: "Seventeen." (not noticing I was speaking German)

Me: "Hmmm... Hast du Geld?" (do you have money?)

Her: "Yes, of course..." (still not noticing)

(we walk over to her friends)

She says to them: "Ich hab jemand gefunden der uns Bier und Zigarretten kaufen kann...." (I found somebody who can buy us beer and cigarettes.)

Me: "Wie? Willst du Bier auch?" (huh, you want beer also?)

Her: "Vat? You can speak Geeerrman?" (finally noticing)

Me: Laughing, "No. Not really."

Then all her friends start bombaring me with their requests... pack of Marlboros, 6 pack Becks, 6 pack Heineken... Overall, a very modest, responsible order. Especially for so many of them (7 or 8). They were shocked that the one random person they picked out could speak German.

Whitaker was noting how if it had been some Americans illegally buying beer they'd be like, "17 cases of Corona, Rum, Vodka, Tequila, ... "

I guess they were all here for 3 months on an exchange program, staying up outside Seattle.

Most amusing.