May 19th, 2003


Seattle. Frogball.

I spent the weekend (Fri-Sun) in Seattle with Dina (dina).

It was most eventful:
  • party at eli/kailani, erik, & Mike's (rodester) place. saw a bunch of people.
  • visited Amber (hellarad) & Joe (bostonsteamer) at the hospital and saw the twins. i didn't expect to see them moving, making noise, and opening their eyes... very cool.
  • took Dina to a bunch of my favorite parks.
  • spent a number of late hours with lisa working on LJ server maintenance. we're on the road to some kick-ass scalability improvements in the next week. gonna be fun.
  • got my two missing coats back: one from lisa, one from amber/joe.
And best, the weather was great.

Got back today and found whitaker with way less energy than me. We started to play croquet in the yard but eventually made up a new game:

Each player gets 3 croquet balls.
Players get on the side of the yard opposite the pond with spitting frog.
Players drive balls across yard, aiming for the pond.
1 point for in the pond. (balls float too!)
5 points for knocking over the frog. (automatic win... play to 5 points)
If you lose your croquet ball in the dense plants and can't find it in a reasonable amount of time, you play without that ball in subsequent turns, without taking extra shots. (incentive to not lose your balls)

Fun game. It needs a name. I hereby name it, uh... Frogball. Yes.

Frogball, continued.

Whitaker and I continued working on developing the rules of Frogball today.

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The best part was the little neighbor girl peeking her head over the fence from her junglegym the whole time saying "HI!!!!" and "BYE!!!!". I replied every time in the same fashion and even tried asking her her name, but she didn't want to talk about that. :-)