May 27th, 2003


memcached, i hate mozilla lately

Woke up this morning and went for another bike ride and run. It's so nice lately. I know I keep saying that, but I love it. I got so used to winter that I forgot about this warm, happy stuff.

My mom came over to work on my gardening. I tell her not to but she can't resist. She's addicted to gardening or something. (loco) But she drags my dad along, who is definitely not addicted to gardening. Poor dad.

I hung out with Dina in the evening. She made dinner, then we went to shoot pool and have some drinks, then to coffee and dessert. Fun stuff.

Wrote a decent-sized post about memcached in lj_dev. That's been consuming most my time lately, and it's totally worth it.

The ironic thing is that even though I'm making the site faster, I can't actually experience the speed increase because Mozilla is a piece of shit lately, eating 70-90% CPU randomly at times, usually after 10-15 minutes of starting it up.

I keep thinking: oh, damn, the site's still slow. Then I load a static text file and watch it slowly repaint and realize, "goddamn, it's just mozilla sucking." (this is both mozilla cvs and firebird...)

Anyway, sleep. Much to do tomorrow.



A girl in a little black car just zipped down the street, stopped, reached out her window with a camera, took a picture of my house, then zipped down the street again.