May 30th, 2003


media consolidation

"A diverse and competitive media is an essential part of a working democracy," he added. "The whole idea is predicated on an informed citizenship. People are very upset at the idea of news controlled by a very few companies with noxious political positions." -- [source]
So, are you all ready for one or two corporations to spoon-feed the masses everything they should think?

The problem is the stupid masses just don't care.


memcache, squatters, built to spill

Hooray... the memcache daemon is totally working now. Detailed website, API, docs, download, etc. coming in a day or so.

It's mostly done, but I'm going to the Built to Spill concert tonight, and hanging out with Dina a bunch this weekend. (read this comment of hers, btw... funny stuff)

A bunch of Yahoo/AOL lamers have found my development LJ machine and started squatting, making tons of accounts. Very annoying. These idiots can't tell it's not the real, despite the URL being totally different and it being slow as ass, being on 384k upstream DSL.

Anyway, off to run, even though it's oddly cold out. I was woken up last night at 4am by a thunderstorm! It's been high 70s and dry the past week. Make up your mind, weather.