June 10th, 2003


advantages to being tired

I woke up this morning after 6 hours of sleep because I was starving. I hate that.

But, here are the good things about being really tired:

-- I can be a dick to people when I need to be a dick to people. (phone solicitors, door to door solictors, hardware vendors)

-- I hate more things, so I can write them all down and deal with them on a happier day, even if on that happier day I wouldn't normally hate them.

-- I can do mind-numbingly dull tasks which I wouldn't normally do.

-- I don't get side-tracked with thoughts of going out and playing (running, biking, frisbee, etc...)

In conclusion, tired days are useful.

The end.

Mozilla crash

I accidentally discovered a way to reliably crash Mozilla with bogus HTTP headers.

At this point I'm just kinda annoyed because I know I have to report it some correct way, going through proper security channels (because it's likely exploitable, watching it with strace), but it'd be so much easier just to post details here in my LJ.....


memcached website

Now that BML's config/template system is sane and easy to use, I put up the memcached website:


I guess there's still a lot to be documented, like the memory allocation scheme and the protocol, but it's a start.

Any PHP or Java programmers want to contribute APIs? The Perl module is miniscule. I'm sure a good PHP or Java person could whip one out in no time.... Evan, you could do your languages like Python, Ruby, Haskell, OCaml, etc... :-)