June 27th, 2003


bug hunting

Never before have I spent so much damn time hunting for a bug. Blah. Anybody bored and want to audit memcached? (in wcmtools, see http://cvs.livejournal.org/) Somehow slabs_allocs is returning an object that's still in use, do either the slabs system is screwed (but it's so simple!) or somebody's holding a pointer too long. avva and I have been going at this for days, littering the source with asserts.

I even captured 30MB of traffic from server up to assertion error and wrote a playback program, parsing the tcpdump file, but it didn't cause a local crash.

In good news, going camping later today, and I'm almost fully up-to-speed on my fingerworks.com keyboard. I still fuck up sometimes, but it's not depressing anymore. For a few days there I was literally depressed... felt like a freshly crippled person (I'd imagine) or kinda like when I was Germany trying to talk to people at parties and getting frustrated that I couldn't express myself fast enough. Thing is, now real keyboards feel very weird.

blah. back to bug huntin'.