June 30th, 2003



avva and I found the bug right before I was due to depart for camping on Friday. On premature connection close, in some cases (after a multi-get with the item being the first and deleted in the same 5 seconds) unwritten items were double-freed back into the slab cache, so the same pointer was subsequently being allocated to two different clients simultaneously. Fucked up. In any case, the fix was absolutely trivial. Yay for asserts and coffee.

Camping was cool. Hiked 3 miles straight up Saddle Mountain. Got a bunch of cool pics, but I'm too lazy to upload now.

evan's in town now. We're stuck in my house for now, but we've picked out office space... just waiting for paperwork and moving in and net access first I guess.

I didn't sleep well last night. Too much sun lately... all itchy. Took advantage of the insomnia and cleaned my inbox. 80% of it now gone.

Ordered Voice-over-IP phone service from http://www.vonage.com/ ... haven't got it yet, but I'm excited. Bye, bye, local crappy provider with stupid website and billing.

Getting faster at my keyboard yet. Fun stuff.

I need a nap. Been up since 4.