July 8th, 2003



I've been painfully bored lately. I need something to get excited about, or a challenge, or something to look forward to, or somebody/something to impress me.

In the looking-forward-to department:

O'Reilley Open Source Convention (OSCON) is in Portland this year, going on this week. If this lady would reply to my email and get me my alumni discount I could register already. I should have registered months ago. And should've submitted a paper/talk. *grumble* I need to get on top of things. :-/ Anyway, should be cool.. I had fun the other year in San Diego.

In three weeks LJ gets to move into our new office space. That'll be cool. In the meantime, Evan and Whitaker are working in my dining room, which is pretty lame.

Went on a big bike ride today with Whitaker: from Cedar Hills up Barnes through the west hills, then down Burnside at a ridiculous speed down into and all over Portland.

I have to bring my car into the shop tomorrow. Four years... time for it to start breaking all the time? *rolls eyes*

Good day

Inevitably, bad days are followed by better days, and today was pretty good (relatively, anything would've seemed better)

-- dropped my car off for service. rotors were warped again and had to be replaced. they deducted what they charged me last time to resurface them. nice mechanics... not scumbags.

-- biked across the street from the mechanic and picked out a CD/MP3 player for my car that's pretty kick-ass. last I looked there were about 2 options. nowadays it's hard to find a unit without MP3 support. car toys = idiot scumbags. magnolia hifi = totally awesome, as always (i tend to buy everything there)

-- biked back home from there (10 miles or so?) even though I could've taken the light-rail most the way.

-- got my alumni discount code for oscon 2003 sessions and registered. starts tomorrow morning and continues all week. gonna be some good presentations.

-- had energy all day (due to morning exercise) so I got a lot of work done.

-- another bike ride later (this time with whitaker) to meet nick at the driving range where we hit some buckets and had a little putt-off.

-- terminator 3 with whitaker, nick, and dina. damn decentralized skynet without a central mainframe. i bet they just didn't want the RIAA to shut them down and took a hint from Napster's demise. review: good movie. some lame stuff, but good mix of enough plot (more than matrix reloaded!) and action.