July 15th, 2003


Tunneling help needed...

So, it seems this hotel connection fucks with (intercepts) nearly everything it can.... DNS, HTTP, who knows what else.

At least SSH and other odd ports are free.

So, this brings me back to my eternal problem: how do I setup VPN with two Linux boxes?

I've successfully used vtun to make one remote machine look somewhat local, but I want to totally put my computer into another network remotely.

From here, I want to make my computer part of my home network, including using my home DNS and home gateway.

Do I have to tunnel ethernet traffic? Seems wasteful and somewhat lame.

What about a PPTP client and server? Will that do what I want?

Or can I use vtun to make my home server look remote, then change my default routing to use it as the gateway? If so, how does that interact with the real default routing, for the tunnel to that machine?

This whole situation plagues me whenever I'm using my laptop in a strange/hostile environment. At OSCON most people were being stupid, transmitting HTTP coookies in plain-text over the wireless network. I just used ssh to get my mail and use ntaim. Lame. I guess I could've setup my web browser to use a HTTP-level proxy server in my home network, but that's hacky, and requires config changes. I want to fix the problem globally.

Any suggestions?