July 16th, 2003


Seattle, another day.

Biked a bunch more... another ~20-25 miles: to lisa's to work, to downtown with jeffr for lunch, up over Queen Anne and over to Sandpoint to chill with Kenji (shortypoke), and then back.

No word on my car. They didn't call me back (my service advisor is out today?) and I couldn't get anybody on the phone when I called. Gave up waiting on hold.

Geeky news: we have a VIA 533Mhz Fanless Mini-ITX running 1G of our memcache farm now. it's using like 2% CPU. but that was at midnight or so... we'll see what it's like tomorrow afternoon. Jesus does 8G of memcache, doing 8000 requests/second, and it takes up a barely measurable amount of CPU.

Sleeping in tomorrow.

Car Update

I got my car back... only minor damage. The transmission wasn't hosed like they originally thought and is actually totally fine. The transmission fluid on the ground where the car died was just from it being confused for a second or so about not being able to turn.

What seemed to happen is that whatever flew up under my car knocked something, breaking part of my hood latch, then fell back down and jumped into my wheel where it broke the caliper, knocking off a bolt, and the caliper fell into the wheel, getting mutilated in the process, turning itself into a big chunk of wheel-stopping metal blob.

Anyway, total cost for towing, labor, and new caliper: $179. Not bad. I'll need some minor body work when I get home, too, but insurance is covering almost all of it because as I said earlier, not taking the rental car option means that money comes off my deductible.

Now that I have my car, it's actually kinda frustrating: driving is way slower than biking with all this traffic. But my car has my mp3 player, so it's a trade-off. I figure I'll drive today, since I'm a little sore from the last two days, but I'll probably be biking the next couple days because it's so nice out.


Between going to bed last night around 4:30 and waking up this morning to dozens of phone calls, I'm not exactly awake. Energy-wise I feel totally fine, but my brain's kinda off. (or maybe this code I'm working on is just really hard... I can't tell.)

I think drinking is in order for tonight.

Drink, part 2

Had some Chicken Phad Thai on the Ave, then met up with erik to go get some beers down at Ivar's, where we ran into rodester and dpb. Now Erik and I are back at my hotel, and Erik brought a ton of alcohol and juice. The plan is to drink a bunch, then hit the 24-hour hot tub.

Erik also said women were part of the plan (he thought they belonged in the hot tub), but he couldn't find any. But whatever... we have two types of lemonade!