July 21st, 2003


Life + Geek, intermixed

Left Seattle Friday afternoon.

Do not buy Adaptec RAID controllers!! (aacraid) Biggest pieces of shit ever. We bought 5 servers with them and they're failing one after the next. We replaced a few after they ate themselves, but now we're proactively replacing them, switching to Intel's RAID controller (gdth). Too bad Mylex (dac960) doesn't still exist... *sigh*

Spent the weekend with Dina, doing misc fun stuff. Also hung out with Nick. Saw the movie "Swimming Pool".

Went on a bike ride today with Whitaker.

Mail::Audit is cool, but MIME::Entity's as_string method (on which Mail::Audit is built) seems to eat a shitload of headers. Not good. Need to investigate more before I can switch away from procmail.

So behind.

My home computers suck. I'm always buying servers (for LJ) but my home computers have been neglected. I'm not sure about the whole root NFS thing anymore. I love the silence of not having disks, but if I do it again, I'll definitely need gigabit. I'm getting weird NFS timeout errors lately and my desktop locks up for a second or two. I hate NFS. Maybe I'll do boot/root filesystem on compact flash, enough to setup a network block device connection (over gigabit) and mount normal filesystems over the nbd in the distant closet (where I can't hear the disks). I don't need the filesystem accessible by multiple clients at once, so I lose nothing by doing nbd instead of NFS.

Getting excited about new Linux 2.6 features. Both desktop and server stuff look very fun.