July 27th, 2003



Today, Whitaker and I biked from the house to downtown Beaverton (where the LJ office will be, 6 miles away, near Best Buy) to meet Nick at some bike shops. He ended up getting a bike, and we all got misc other bike-related things. I was salivating over a mountain bike, but I refrained. But I do want one.... I miss my old mountain bike (which was stolen a few years back).

The plan is for Nick and I to bike to the coast (on our hybrid/road bikes) over labor day weekend. It's 70 miles, up over a little mountain, but I think we can do it. Whitaker's declining, which is sad, but at least he's agreed to drive by a few hours later and check to see if we're dead.

Nick and Whitaker are still at my house, playing some NBA game on XBOX and drinking Budweiser. I don't like Bud or sports, and I have tons of work to do, so I bailed, off to quiet land where I could work. I also bailed on Dina and a pirate party with Evan.

I envy people with weekends (which is about everybody). I get really sick of people (including my mom on the phone earlier) asking why I'm working on a Saturday. I work nights and weekends because less people bug me then. Evan can testify that I can't get any real work done during the day: my phone rings non-stop, my inbox fills up, and I have to talk to Evan and Whitaker about project directions.

After a few hours of weekend night work, my inbox is now pretty tiny, and I've got a bunch done. Much more relaxed. Even if I had gone out tonight, I wouldn't have been in a good mood.

It really needs to be quiet for me to work. Night is awesome because it's silent, nobody else is doing anything, it feels like time is paused, and I don't feel guilty up not being out doing something fun in the sun.

Lately I've been annoyed at home because I can't work nights/weekends without people being around and it being louder than I'd like (which would be dead silent). But I'm mostly annoyed at myself that I'm annoyed. I don't expect everybody else to shut up. I expect people to talk and drink and have fun. But I get all grumpy when I'm stressed and behind, and I need to work or it'll get worse. When I see people drinking, or hear about everybody's weekend plans involve drinking somewhere (my house, M Bar, waterfront, Lola's Room, Pirate Party), I start thinking how stupid and unproductive drinking is. (again, the weekend envy)

I look forward to getting LJ's office space. We can move in Friday, August 1st, or maybe even Thursday, but Internet access will take like 30 days to hook up. Super lame. I think we'll be going knocking on nearby tennants doors, asking if we could steal net access for a month, in exchange for paying for their connectivity bill.

This post isn't very organized.

In conclusion, my work schedule isn't regular, and doesn't coincide with my friends', and I'm grumpy/flaky as a result. Whitaker, Dina... sorry. I'm not sure how you put up with me.

Gentoo, memcached, VoIP

Memcached seems to be getting pretty popular. A big chunk of my mail is about it now. I just wish more people would use the mailing list.

And it's in Gentoo! (net-www/memcached)

And they're even filing bugs against it:

When I build my next desktop, I think I'm going Gentoo. I played with it once and was impressed how bleeding edge it was. Debian will always be on my servers (and most my desktops, I imagine).

VoicePulse is awesome. They run all on Asterisk, how cool is that? And they replied to an email of mine on a Sunday. Doubly cool. In any case, I'm not dropping Vonage, because they also rock. VoIP is so cool.