July 30th, 2003


Ellen Feiss & Unix, PENA, sysadmin

Could we even see a new Switch campaign aimed at Unix users? OS X is Unix, after all. And a Dual G5 tower makes a pretty compelling Unix workstation. Indeed, Apple has gained new users because of the combination of hardware and OS. Apple would do well to continue to extol the virtues of the platform to this segment of the market. While we won't be seeing Ellen Feiss saying "I edited ifcfg but it still showed up as and I was like 'hunh?'," expect a big push from Apple aimed at Linux and Unix.
I'd love to see that commercial.

Going to San Francisco again tomorrow (er, today) with Evan. Working out the Pie/Echo/Necho/Atom spec, or whatever it'll be called (PENA? :P), at Google Thursday morning with a bunch of other people. Meeting up with jwz tonight somewhere, if we don't get lost.

Been up doing LJ sysadmin stuff. Luckily lisa does most of it nowadays. I just get called in when there's something really fucked up, so you can imagine how fun it must be. Anyway, it's fixed, I think. Don't reply here about it. I'm just talking.

Now I'm sleeping.