July 31st, 2003


Cali, Cali....

In the airport (SJC) with evan, waiting to head home. Yesterday we hung out with jwz, netik, and Jamie's favorite girly, rzr_grl (Angela). All very cool and very friendly. Everybody (including Jamie) paints jwz as a grumpy bad-ass, but he's really closer to a teddy bear in real life, all smiling and shit. I took pictures to prove it, but I forgot to steal them off Angela's camera and I bet Jamie gets to them first to preserve his bad-ass image. Evan and I stayed out past our bedtimes, though, since we had to wake up early and head over to Google for the Atom Summit. (which isn't actually going to be called Atom, or Necho, or Echo, or Pie)

The first 3 hours of the Atom Summit were tech, then a break, then ~3 hours of business issues. The tech stuff was okay. Business was predictably boring, but I wasn't expecting much else. It's kinda sad how slow groups move, but I don't think any smart subset of 2 or 3 people knew all the issues from everybody's perspective, so while it was slow, it was also enlightening and productive.

I guess we move into the LJ office tomorrow morning? And our net connection won't be ready, but our phone will, so we'll be NATing a phone line probably. Joy.

Think it's beer time. Stupid airports.