August 4th, 2003


2nd post! (from the LJ office)

Been at the new office all day. whitaker made the first post, but I've got the second!

The Danga office now has:
  • A phone line
  • A 26400 bps modem connection to my house, doing NAT for all the network ports within the office
  • Desks for everyone.
  • trash cans
  • power strips
  • refridgerator, dr. pepper
  • coffee maker, coffee
  • the futon from my house
  • ...
Many notable things are missing, like DSL (getting on the 13th), and chairs. But we're making progress!

Props to evan for his invaluable patience setting up PPP crap.

Anybody read my journal who works at Verizon and wants to rush our DSL order? :-)