August 7th, 2003



I keep trying to count the number of stoplights between my house and the office, but I always wander off mentally and forget, then try to back-count, but I can't.

I keep noticing stupid signs. Like:
Affordable Health Insurance
Call today: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Uh, Quotes? Is "Finally" the name of the company?

Or the sign above the office toilet in the hall:
Please do not dispose of sanitary products
in the toilet. Thank you.
In other words, "big bloody products that might clog the toilet". I mean, isn't toilet paper a sanitary product? Should I be putting that in the little container? People go so far to make polite/happy statements that they end up sounding really stupid.

vriane is on crack. Actually, I don't like Dr. Pepper much. Once a week is good. Today I brought a big tupperware container of ice and another of iced tea today. I'm set.

I think today is an inbox cleaning day, now that I have some energy and things are somewhat calm.

Scrolly LCD thing

Yo, I want one/some of those scrolly LCD ticker things, where words can scroll to the left, or from the bottom, or flash, or change colors, etc.

I want them in the office, showing webserver hit rates, and new incoming posts, and inbox sizes, and other fun/interesting system stats.

What are those called? All my google searches return these tiny little LCD displays people mount in the computer cases. I want a big, red one!

And whatever it is, it should be controlled by a serial cable, so I can program it from Linux. (USB has too small a range... I don't want a computer 6 meters away)

Update: yes, I'm on crack. LED, not LCD. Acronyms schmackronyms.