August 10th, 2003



Let's see if I can remember everything:

Friday: Dina and I "ran into" Evan and Meena at Typhoon (Thai place) downtown. I say "ran into" because Dina had recommended it to them hours earlier. When she told me I was like, "Hells yeah. We there." We just barely overlapped though, so all good. Then Dina and I went to 1201 and drank and chilled on a big fluffy couch.

Saturday: Shopping spree (all with Dina) Got a whole bunch of wallpaper removal and painting supplies to redo my dining room. Restocked all my alcohol, and then some. Went to Portland Running Company to get new running shoes, where Dina and I both bought new shoes, after two guys each analyzed our running style and feet and stuff. All fancy and stuff. Ran in a bunch of shoes. Got some good ones. Got grass seed. Back home. Stripped wallpaper. Dina's sister and fiancé came over for drinks.

Sunday: woke up early to do the "Bridge Pedal" all around Portland. They pretty much shut down the city so thousands of people could bike around it, over a bunch of the bridges and other fun stuff. Did some more wallpaper. Took care of the lawn. Went for a walk.

Busy busy.

I have so many pics to post, but my flash reader's at the office, as are my laptops. I'll post 'em tomorrow, since we got our DSL modem Friday (like a week ahead of schedule), and we don't have to throttle our bandwidth to be nice to the neighbors anymore.

Oh, Lisa's coming down tomorrow. Hooray.

The end.