August 13th, 2003


43 years old

My mom turned 43 today. For her birthday I joined her, my dad, my littlest brother Cole, and Dina at the zoo for a zoo concert.

They sold bottles of wine at the zoo. Oh my god did my mom get drunk. It was hilarious. She was rolling around on the grass onto other people, with Cole apologizing, she was dancing like a crazy drunken woman, she was puking all over the grass and the light-rail platform. Cole, her 14 year old son, was guiding her around, keeping her from puking on her hair, etc.

Good times. Oh yeah.

She didn't want me to post this, but hey--- how could I not? Plus, my grandma needs to read this. :-)

Mom, here's to a happy 43rd a day! Hopefully you'll be sober and un-hungover by the time you read this.

(Disclaimer: this is one of the few times I've seen my mom drunk. She's not an alcoholic.)