October 1st, 2003


AIM log

(01:10:04) brad: There's a great synnergy between Speedera and LiveJournal. We're both maximizing our respective value by focusing on our core assets and decreasing total cost of ownership.
(01:10:13) sherm: but are you delivering solutions?
(01:10:29) brad: yes, power customer-driven solutions for the enterprise.
(01:10:31) sherm: you have to deliver solutions in order to maximize customer satisfaction.


speedera + DBIx::StateKeeper = very happy.

my sleep schedule now being screwed = not very happy, but don't care much.

I rode my bike to work and back today... it got a tune-up yesterday and was very happy. It got all cleaned too. Happy, clean, gear-changin' machine. The exercise was nice too... too many days without and I get tired.

Dina made me dinner tonight, in celebration of new Gilmore Girls and new Joe Schmoe. Tomorrow: Smallville! (this paragraph is for Evan... cringe, yo!)


I'm getting sick of people's stupid bumper stickers:

WTC towers made out of the US flag with the text, "Don't forget who started it." Tell me: who did start it? Saddam? Iraq? Afghanistan? That other guy we were once chasing but forgot about?

Or, the best one: "WE MUST SEARCH OUT AND ERADICATE ALL ENEMIES OF THE U.S. NO COMPROMISES. NO MERCY." On a big pick-up truck with oversized wheels.

Stupid citizenry.