October 3rd, 2003



LiveJournal's now being served almost entirely from memory. Very relaxing to see the databases sit idle.

Now I can finally focus on other things and not stress about performance.

Drinking tip....

Order a beer.
Drink half of it.
Spill the rest.
Watch the kind waiters run to come clean up and bring you another.
A beer and a half for the price of one!

That's a lot of userpics...

We've never logged image traffic before because it was just too boring, but now that we're using Speedera and they have tons of pretty reports available, it's interesting to see that there have been 14 million userpics served in the past 8 hours.

We should work on the friends page HTTP headers so people don't have to do an explicit reload, which in turn does explicit image reloads.

In the past it was desirable to make the HTTP headers say, "Fuck off, don't bug me for a while.", when the web/dbs were slow, but not anymore. Now the backend is so fast, we should focus on doing more work on the backend side so that images are loaded 302 (not modified) more often than 200 (OK) and we'd pay less in bandwidth.